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VEHICLE TRACKING and employee concerns


Employees are likely to be concerned about the introduction of a VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEM.  Will  it lead to management ‘spying’ on drivers throughout the day, squeezing more work from them, and generally adding more pressures to the job.  Be wary of countering this sentiment with language such as “If you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear”.  This phrasing is often the defence used by totalitarian regimes, when they introduce perceived “BIG BROTHER” surveillance measures and could well add to the frustration and resentment of employees.

Resentful employees are not happy employees.  Unhappy employees are less likely to be productive and co-operative team members.  Employees who feel valued are a key asset to any organisation.

Before introducing vehicle tracking into an organisation, it is best practice to consult your employees and or their representatives.  Any benefits a vehicle tracking system might bring could easily be undermined by the damage done to employee/ employer relations if it is introduced in a back handed and clumsy fashion.

  • What has led to the management wanting to introduce such technology?
  • If the use of VEHICLE TRACKING is designed to lower costs and increase productivity, then why not share the gains with the employees.   Motivation is surely better than intimidation!

The following points are aimed at helping drivers understand the benefits to them, if an organisation uses vehicle tracking **

Improved fleet utilisation

The GPS Tracking System is not designed to stop you nipping in for a paper or stopping for a coffee en route.  It will provide a fair and accurate record of your work pattern to help your company manage the fleet more efficiently.


Vehicle Tracking Systems also act as security devices and greatly improve the chances of your vehicle being recovered if it is stolen.  As such, many insurance companies insist on the system being fitted, particularly where high value loads or expensive tools are being carried.  If the vehicle is attacked or threatened, getting help to you is made easier, as your precise location is known.

Health and Safety

The new working time directive and related safety at work legislation make employers liable for accidents if a vehicle is not maintained properly.  Vehicle Tracking Systems can enhance the health and safety of employees on the road. Vehicle Tracking will show daily mileage and driving time, so that for the safety of everyone concerned, the working time directive is adhered to and vehicles are serviced at the correct intervals.

Even distribution of work

Vehicle Tracking Systems can help managers and supervisors to distribute work more fairly. GPS Tracking can answers questions such as: Are some employees doing more than their fair share of mileage/work.  Should the employer provide additional reward or a change in work allocation.

Efficient route planning


Vehicle Tracking Systems may help staff who plan routes, make appointments and dispatch resources to make better use of your time, e.g. by arranging your appointments closer to base/home, thus cutting down on travelling time.  It will plan your entire day from job to job – again saving you time.

Instant vehicle location

If you break down, even in the middle of nowhere, office-based staff will be able to pinpoint your exact location and notify a breakdown service within seconds. Similarly, if you are lost the system can be used as a navigational aid to get you back on track.

Proof of service

In many cases, when a driver has correctly delivered an item before a promised deadline or has tried to deliver but there was nobody available to sign for it, the customer has been able to dispute the job. Similarly, a customer may dispute how long an engineer has spent on site, especially if there was nobody around when he arrived or left.  Vehicle tracking will back you up by proving you were at the address or on site, at or before the guaranteed time, and will show exactly how long you stayed for.  When the facts are there in black and white they can’t be disputed.

Accurate billing

Your employer will be able to use vehicle tracking to prove exactly how long has been spent on site, how much travelling was involved and any demurrage charges that have been incurred. This helps to ensure your company, including you, is paid correctly for each job.

Driving standards

Companies that carry the ‘How’s my driving’ stickers often complain that the scheme is unfair and subject to the general public’s perceptions of good and bad driving.  Your employer can now refer to vehicle tracking for unbiased clarification of driving standards.

** Credits and acknowledgement to the Employees Handbook leaflet; Minorplanet

Remember that the introduction and use of surveillance technology such as vehicle tracking, is governed by both employment and human rights legislation.  Please refer to the page Employee Rights and VEHICLE TRACKING


Employee Rights and VEHICLE TRACKING

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