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Additional Vehicle Telematics information resources.

This page contains interesting sources of information and media on different aspects of telematics and associated technologies.


Windows Media Player Video Clips

  • The movie clips use windows media player. Some clips contain audio.
  • Low Bandwidth  “How GPS plots a vehicle position”

    Broadband “How GPS plots a vehicle position”


    YouTube Satellite Animation


    Fun Activities

  • Launch your own satellite.  The link below opens a page that, through the use of a Java applet demonstrates, in a fun way ,what it takes to keep a satellite in orbit.

  • The link below takes you to a NASA site, where you can follow in real-time the orbits of the various satellites systems and the flight path of the Space Shuttle


    Reference Sources

  • Trimble This website contains a great flash presentation on how GPS works.
  • This website contains a range of information tools and tutorials on the satellite communication industry.


    Links to Vehicle Tracking, Telematics, GPS, Motoring, Fleet, Business related web sites, search engines and directories.

  • The Fleet Directory website contains 100’s of fleet industry links; a great resource for fleet managers and company car drivers.
  • ACT Computer Software - ACT Computer Software Directory listing business administration and sales force automation software providers in the UK.
  • The Motoring Directory ‘the world home of motoring and automotive links.’
  • UK Motoring Search Engine - Portal covering all aspects of British motoring life.
  • Highways Agency website for the UK Highways Agency
  • FTA The Freight Transport Association represents the transport interests of companies moving goods by road, rail, sea and air. The FTA membership operate over 200,000 goods vehicles - almost half the UK fleet.
  • SBD are leading consultants in the automotive and telematics industry. Their customers include some of the largest automotive and telecommunication companies in the world.
  • Telecoms Advice is an independent website for owners and managers of UK businesses,  who need to know about the practical applications, benefits and costs of using telecommunications, the Internet and similar Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).
  • Mobile Data Direct specialise in supporting the mobile data market, such as handhelds, GPS navigation,  mobile fax, Bluetooth, wireless LAN and GSM/GPRS product lines.
  • LBSzone "Delivering information on Location" - is a resource for those interested in Location-Based services and related technologies including mobile geo-positioning, GPS, RFID, WiFi, Open source hacks, and related applications, technologies and services.
  • Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) plays a central role in the working life of the motor industry. Whether the industry is your business or it impacts on your organisation in any way, SMMT can deliver real business benefits to help your company meet the challenges of the future.
  • transportweb information service for the transport industry.  This directory has a collection of databases which are fully searchable, covering subjects such as freight management, transportation logistics and transport software.
  • Business to Business Directory – Online B2B directory for the UK
  • UK Motoring Directory - The home of British motoring.
  • GEO:connexion is the leading business-to-business magazine for all with an interest in Geographical Information and its related technologies in the British Isles, continental Europe, the Middle East and Africa
  • Fleet News is the leading publication for UK fleet Managers and the UK fleet industry. 18,000 named fleet decision-makers receive it every week and it has been the authoritative voice of this £40 billion industry for over 25 years
  • Free Index UK Telematics Directory Free UK business directory
  • TelecomsPortal ‘Your essential telecommunications resource’
  • TelematicsJournal Telematics News Source, Online information on the Aftermarket, OEM, and Commercial Telematics Industries.
  • Locationbox An independent Location Based Services & Telematics research firm.
  • LoadUp - The UK’s biggest internet freight exchange
  • Limesearch - UK Products and Services Directory
  • UK Pages - Web Directory
  • Business Ranks - Business Directory
  • Asset Management Software - Asset Management Software and Asset Management Links
  • Linkcentre Directory and Search Engine
  • now2business - UK business directory - ‘working harder to get you noticed’
  • Fleet Management – We're listed in the “Fleet Management” section of the B2B Index
  • Logistics IT - Manufacturing and Logistics IT Magazine
  • Fox Directory
  • Businesses on the Net
  • Cool Web Site Listings
  • UK Business Listing
  • Global Web Directory
  • SIP - SIP or Session Internet Protocol is the next logical step in the evolution of communications, splitting into three different, yet over lapping, technologies; Voice, Text and Video. Neil Howard are suppliers of all the very latest SIP products.
  • gps satellite tracking system
    FleetTrax offers fleet and vehicle gps tracking system products to help business maximize profits with savings on gas, maintenance, and repairs. Vehicle tracking systems can save you a lot of money.
  • Automotive Search Engine Used Cars
  • Driving with GPS Navigation - Learn about GPS vehicle navigation at
  • Customer Satisfaction Genius Web Directory | Quick and Manual Listing Directory
  • Vehicle Tracking : Efficient vehicle tracking is integral to any business, whether you run one van or one thousand. Make sure that you are able to best plan each vehicle’s route, monitor unauthorised vehicle usage and identify inefficient driving patterns to reduce fuel usage.
  • BaxTek Solutions - BaxTek Solutions is a leader in the inventory management software and hardware market, with asset tracking software and hardware to fit warehouse and retail point of sale needs. Find safety signs, bar code label scanning and printing solutions, RFID equipment and more at BaxTek Solutions.
  • fleet tracking system
    FleetTrax offers fleet and vehicle gps tracking system products to help business maximize profits with savings on gas, maintenance, and repairs. Vehicle tracking systems can save you a lot of money.
  • Asset Tracking and Recovery systems - the revolution has begun.
  • Car GPS - Buy new and used gps devices, maps, software and more !
  • Extang Tonneau Covers - is the best place to buy Extang Tonneau Covers online
  • Bali Web Design - Bali SEO Services


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