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  • 04/11/2005 SBD Newsletter extract
  • 03/11/2005 Rising oil prices to fuel the commercial Vehicle Telematics market
  • 02/11/2005 Berg Insight Announces European Acquisition
  • 26/10/2005 Codegate provides ‘one-stop’ mobile enterprise solutions
  • 18/10/2005 Monitoring London Congestion Charging
  • 12/10/2005 Spirit brings revolutionary new PDA to the UK
  • 11/10/2005 SBD October 2005 Security Newsletter Extract
  • 10/10/2005 Microlise appoints Fleet Management systems as Australian reseller
  • 08/09/2005 SBD September 2005 Security Newsletter Extract
  • 18/08/2005 Axscend Announces Expansion in Global Coverage for Asset Tracking system
  • 16/08/2005 Consumer boom in Portable Navigation systems presents opportunities to vehicle manufacturers
  • 11/08/2005 SBD August 2005 Security Newsletter Extract
  • 10/08/2005 OEM Group marks the launch of its innovative refrigerated trailer temperature alert ‘SecureTemp’ with a contract win from Samworth Distribution
  • 09/08/2005 Microlise and Lafarge Cement Mark Project Completion
  • 02/08/2005 SBD Newsletter extract


Date:                      04/11//2005

Submitted by:      SBD


SBD November 2005 Newsletter Extract

E-call hits problems with network infrastructure in Europe whilst the technology for vehicles to automatically contact the emergency services after an accident is progressing well (E-call), the infrastructure to handle the calls and locate the vehicle is falling behind. The EC has expressed its concern that if the Member States don’t react now and invest in essential infrastructure changes to support the emergency services, it will result in delays to its target of introducing E-call on all new vehicles from 2009. In particular, the EU is trying to encourage wireless communications services to provide location information.

Jaguar & Land Rover link with Eurowatch to fight car crime in Europe Jaguar and Land Rover have signed an agreement with Eurowatch to provide a pan-European service to support the launch of their own-brand stolen vehicle tracking system during 2006. The combined product will be sold to customers in more than 30 countries across Europe.

Strong growth in DAB digital radio in UK forecasted The Digital Radio Development Bureau (DRDB) claims that the number of UK consumers listening to DAB digital radio – especially in their cars – will continue “to rise dramatically” as more people discover the benefits of increased station choice, digital quality sound and interference free listening. The DRDB said that the biggest growth in volume is expected to come in the in-car sector and domestic receivers. The group predicts around 20 million DAB digital radios in UK homes and approximately 700,000 DAB receivers installed into vehicles by 2009. SBD expects DAB to be adopted by an increasing number of vehicle manufacturers over the next 5 years, but it believes that the DRDB’s forecast of 700k in-car DAB receivers in the UK by 2009 is overly optimistic. Instead, SBD believes that the rollout will be delayed by the slow take-up of DAB in the rest of Europe and a more realistic figure for the UK is around 200k – 300k by 2009.

Opel to launch new technologies in future vehicles Vauxhall is expected to launch 2 new technologies to enhance the driving experience in the future:

DUALVIEW is a new integrated colour screen. It will enable two people to see different images on the same dashboard screen at once. Invented by Sharp, the system works by displaying two images simultaneously at opposite viewing angles.
TRAFFIC ASSIST ~ This system is similar to active cruise control. The advanced equipment works at speeds of up to 60mph and recognises road conditions as it follows the vehicle in front. The technology, which employs lasers and a video camera, can bring the car to a standstill and accelerate away, too. The system can “see” traffic signs and bends, as well as Lane markings and vehicles.

Microsoft patents new sat-nav technology US software company Microsoft has taken out a patent on a new technology designed for satellite navigation systems. Instead of being guided by voice instructions giving directions or an on-screen map, drivers could be escorted to their destination by a computer-generated “ghost car” which would be superimposed on to the road ahead for the motorist to follow. Microsoft claims that the new method of directing drivers would cause less of a distraction, and therefore would making it safer.

Accident “SOS” plan for mobile phones Texas Instruments has developed a prototype mobile phone that can call emergency services automatically after an accident. A sensor detects a sudden stop, whilst a chip works out the location. The phone then dials 999 and tells the operator what has happened and where. Texas Instruments, who developed this technology, said that the sensor could differentiate between a crash and another movement, such as being dropped.

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Date:                       03/11/2005

Submitted by:      Codegate


Press release

Rising oil prices to fuel the commercial Vehicle Telematics market

Gothenburg, Sweden 3 November 2005: Rising oil prices fuel the demand for fleet management solutions in the European road transport industry, according to a new report released by the telecom research firm Berg Insight. Fleet management solutions typically enable transport operators to reduce fuel consumption by 5 to 15 percent. As fuel prices have increased by 28 percent during the course of 2005 and are expected to continue to rise in the foreseeable future there are now strong incentives for transport companies to invest in technology that helps them to keep costs under control. Tobias Ryberg, senior analyst at Berg Insight, forecasts that over 50 percent of the new heavy trucks sold in 2009 will incorporate a fleet management solution, compared to less than 10 percent of the heavy trucks sold in 2005.

New policies for road pricing and road safety are also driving the commercial Vehicle Telematics market. The German electronic road charging system Toll Collect has become one of the largest telematics applications with over 400,000 heavy trucks connected to the GSM network. Driving distances reported through the system is the basis for several billion Euros in levies collected by the federal government in Germany. Another even grander project has been proposed by the European Commission. In 2009 the commission wants to introduce a pan-European automatic emergency call system based on GSM and satellite positioning that should become mandatory in all new commercial vehicles and passenger cars sold in the EU. According to the commission the system could save up to 2,000 lives annually.

About Berg Insight

Berg Insight offers premier business intelligence to the telecom industry. We produce concise reports providing key facts and strategic insights about pivotal developments in our focus areas. Our vision is to be the most valuable source of intelligence for our customers.

For additional information, please contact: Johan Fagerberg, Managing Director,

E-mail:  Phone: +46 31 711 30 91

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Date:                       03/11/2005

Submitted by:      Codegate


Press release

Berg Insight Announces European Acquisition

Gothenburg, Sweden 2 November 2005: Berg Insight announced today that it has acquired the telecom analyst firm Locationbox. This acquisition enhances the Sweden-based wireless market analyst firm's operations by adding a dedicated location-based services and telematics research operation in Europe. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Berg Insight provides strategic and tactical support on business and technology issues to global wireless companies.

Locationbox will be integrated into Berg Insight and one of the new formats of wireless business information will be a vertical media site within telematics and Location-based services. Locationbox clients will also benefit from Berg insight’s broader portfolio of wireless market research.

This acquisition is important to Berg Insight since Locationbox will bring a new specialist area to Berg Insight and new customers. In addition Berg Insight will now have more resources in handling its global customer base.

We are delighted to welcome the Locationbox team to Berg Insight. We share the same enthusiasm and vision for the wireless industry, and will benefit from complementary skills and experiences,” said Tobias Ryberg Chairman of the Board, Berg Insight. “We see a strong growth in the demand for our reports and services and this is an important step for us on our way to be one of the leading global wireless analyst firms”.

About Berg Insight

Berg Insight offers premier business intelligence to the telecom industry. We produce concise reports providing key facts and strategic insights about pivotal developments in our focus areas Our vision is to be the most valuable source of intelligence for our customers.

For additional information, please contact: Johan Fagerberg, Managing Director

E-mail: , Phone: +46 31 711 30 91

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Date:                       26/10/2005

Submitted by:      Codegate


Press release


Codegate, the mobile data collection specialist, has developed Managed Service - a complete solution for any company that wants to provide its mobile workers with rapid access to critical business information.

Codegate recognised that the fast and cost-effective delivery of information to a mobile workforce is a vital element of business success.  At the same time, the company realised that customers are nervous about adopting technologies that could be complex, costly, and difficult to support.  It therefore developed Managed Service – a complete, one-stop solution designed to address all of these concerns.

Managed Service aims to provide the best mobile solution for a customer’s particular needs and with an effective support infrastructure – all at a fixed price.  This enables the customer to deploy a comprehensive mobile data solution whilst remaining focused on their business-critical activities.

The new service includes a choice of hand held data capture devices, including units such as the world-renowned Dolphin® family of mobile computers from Hand Held Products.  Two of the company’s latest models are the Dolphin® 7900 and the Dolphin® 9500.  These two devices are both feature-rich and packed with technology, and offer industry-leading levels of performance.

Managed Service also encompasses the configuration and maintenance of the devices; the hosting of Codegate’s mobile application; software upgrades and maintenance; mobile network connection and data airtime; and fully managed servers with 24x7 support.

Adam Dykman, Codegate’s Managing Director, says: “This is a comprehensive solution that will enable customers to budget more easily.  It also gives them peace of mind that everything they need for data collection and communication is provided in a single, highly versatile package.”

About Codegate

Codegate is a privately owned company, with its head office in Oxfordshire. We specialise in the provision of mobile enterprise solutions with particular focus in the transport, warehouse logistics and, mobile workforce markets. This includes a “full service” offering from functional specification through to design, production, implementation and maintenance of robust mobile computing, and wireless technology solutions. A Codegate solution combines a broad range of rugged hand-held computers and mobile barcode printers sourced from the worlds leading manufacturers with an equally broad range of off the shelf and bespoke software for mobile solutions. Codegate is an ISO9000:2000 certified company, with customers across the UK and Europe.

Codegate are experts in making information instantly available at the point of activity, and has developed application-specific solutions designed to increase workforce productivity and efficiency.

Contact: Adam Dykman, Managing Director, Codegate

The Granary, Church Lane, Steventon, Oxfordshire, OX13 6SW

Tel: +44 (0) 1235 831 125, Fax: +44 (0) 1235 83 1477, Mobile: +44 (0) 779 542 2592


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Date:                      18/10/2005

Submitted by:      Seven Eye


Press Release

Monitoring London Congestion Charging

As of the 4th July 2005 the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, has confirmed an increase in the congestion charge from 5.00 to 8.00. Charge for vehicles on the fleet scheme will rise from 5.50 to 7.00. Non payment on the day of entry into the zone for non fleet registered vehicles will result in the issuing of a Penalty Charge Notice of 100 to the registered keeper or hirer of any non paying vehicles. As with parking penalties, this will be reduced to 50 for prompt payment within 14 days. Failure to pay the penalty charge within 28 days will result in the penalty being increased to 150.

Vehicle tracking and Coldstore temperature monitoring specialist Seven Eye has, at the request of some of its customers, implemented a new function to its vehicle tracking system that emails traffic operators, in real time, when a vehicle fitted with a Seven Eye tracking unit enters the congestion charge zone.

In most incidents vehicle fleet operators will know when vehicles are scheduled to enter the area. However occasionally when drivers have to make detours or when deliveries or collections are made to the fringe areas the traffic office can be unaware that one of their drivers has entered the congestion zone and that these charges are unaccounted for.  The fitment of a Seven Eye advanced tracking system eliminates the possibility of these situations arising as the operator is emailed when each incidence of entry occurs.

For more information on how Seven Eye vehicle tracking can benefit your business please contact

Contact Rob Hart: Tel: 01473 261777 Fax: 01473 261770

Email Web


The Seven group are an asset and property management company based in Ipswich, Suffolk. The scope of its services cover contract vehicle fleet management, transportable cold-stores, satellite tracking and monitoring products, container logistics, used truck and trailer sales, property management and construction.

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Date:                      12/10/2005

Submitted by:      Spirit Data Capture


Press release


Spirit Data Capture Limited has been appointed as the sole UK and Ireland distributor for the M3 rugged PDA.  This exciting new device has been developed by Mobile Compia, a privately owned Korean company.  It boasts the lightest (250g) and slimmest design in the world for a fully featured PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).

The M3 is aimed at logistics, utilities, field service and telecoms companies, and is ideal for a wide range of portable applications, such as meter reading, proof of delivery and field service applications.  Despite its small size, the new product is highly sophisticated, and offers a choice of advanced radio technologies.  These include GSM/GPRS (Global Satellite for Mobile/General Packet Radio Service) ; Bluetooth radio; and WiFi (802.11b/g wireless communications).

The different options enable users to choose the specific configuration they require, including the ability to benefit from high-speed voice and data communication.  The M3 also offers a choice of 1D and PDF417 barcode scanners; and an optional colour camera.  It is an extremely durable and rugged PDA, and has an IP rating of 54.  The device incorporates a large (3.5 inch) colour TFT-LCD touch screen (non-glass) and a selection of expansion slots.

Chan Ho Lee, International Sales Manager for Mobile Compia, comments: “We are delighted to be working with Spirit, as they provide a first-class local  service.  We will benefit from their in-depth market knowledge and their excellent market penetration.  They will also be offering a further valuable facility – the ability to service the product within the UK.”

Ebbie Khadem, Managing Director of Spirit Data Capture Limited, responds: ”The M3 is a marvellous product, and we are very excited about it – we love its quality and the way it has been set up.  We also like the way in which Mobile Compia is approaching the marketplace.  The positioning of the M3 is tremendous, and its pricing is incredible when you consider the features it offers.  Everyone who has seen it has been very impressed by it.”  The M3 is available from Spirit now, along with a full range of options.

About Spirit Data Capture: based in Preston Brook, Cheshire.  The company is a totally independent mobile computing and data capture house, with in-depth knowledge of the latest wireless and mobile computing technologies which boost productivity and profitability.  Its services include planning, design and development, implementation, and support.

For more information, please contact Katrina Evans. Tel: 0870 166 2440

For press information, please contact Phil Allcock at Allcock Public Relations, on: 02380 849953.

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Date:                      11/10/2005

Submitted by:      SBD


SBD October 2005 Security Newsletter Extract

Vehicle Manufacturers

Smart key systems dominate at Frankfurt Motor Show

There were a significant number of new models displayed with smart key systems at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Of the 13 brands with new smart key system vehicles, new players in the market include Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Mazda and Jaguar (the only non-Japanese new entry). On the supplier side, Hella launched their first system in collaboration with VW on the new Passat.

Source: SBD Ltd. 2005

Toyota to offer Smart Key wristwatches in Japan

Toyota are introducing a ‘Citizen’ wristwatch with an integrated smart key into the Japanese market. This wristwatch transmits a code via a radio signal to lock and unlock doors. There is also a button on the watch to manually lock or unlock the car from a distance. Although the electronic key needs a lithium battery as a power source, battery replacement is not required since the watch is equipped with a solar cell. This wristwatch is available for Toyota’s new Japan-only Crown vehicle from October.

Source:  29/09/05

Is VW violating patented anti-theft device of Chinese farmer?

A Chinese farmer is suing Volkswagen for violation of his patented anti-theft device. He has asked VW to stop using the locking device, invented in 1996 and patented in 2002. However, VW have dismissed the farmer’s claim due to lack of evidence. This case marks a sharp turnaround from the practice of overseas firms suing Chinese companies for breach of copyright. The details of the device have not been released.

Source:, 12/08/05

Theft Trends & Press Reports

Dodge cars are most attractive for thieves in the USA

Daimler Chrysler AG’s Dodge Stratus and Intrepid cars suffered the highest theft rates in the USA in 2003 for vehicles of that model year. Although Daimler Chrysler has an immobiliser system available on most of its Dodge range, it is currently only offered as an option.

Source: 10/08/05

Car cloning fears for buyers in the UK

77% of stolen vehicles recovered by the UK police in 2004 have been cloned, making identity theft Britain’s fastest-growing car crime. This problem is being highlighted by the growth in speed cameras because duplicate registration numbers are being recorded. Criminal gangs typically steal a car of a given make and colour, and give it the same identity of an existing vehicle. Police believe there are now thousands of cloned cars on the roads and the massive growth in internet trading means that it is now easier for thieves to sell cloned vehicles.
Source:, 07/09/05

Satellite navigation theft has surged in the UK

Expensive portable satellite navigation systems are becoming a new target of vehicle related thefts. A total of 135 systems have been stolen in only four months in the county of West Yorkshire. Police report that the increasing fitment of immobilisers and security tracking systems has resulted in thieves stealing the navigation systems themselves, rather than stealing the whole car.

Source: Auto Express, 17/08/05

High-tech headlight thefts on the increase in the USA

The state of New York has seen a significant increase in the theft of Xenon headlights from luxury vehicles, causing annoyance to vehicle owners. Cases of headlights theft have been reported from Audi (especially S4) Lexus 300/330 SUV and Nissan Maxima vehicles. Damage caused can cost owners thousands of dollars because thieves are cutting wiring harnesses and bending body panels.

Source:, 13/09/05

Satellites to track carjackers in Australia

A recent spate of carjackings in Sydney has prompted Mercedes Benz to examine bringing its satellite tracking system to Australia. The remote satellite assistance service has been available in Europe and the US since 2000, but Mercedes had not yet introduced it in Australia, due to low customer interest and lack of satellite coverage. BMW and Holden already offer mobile phone-based emergency call systems, and radio tracking services that use either the phone system or their own network of radio towers. Despite restricted coverage, these systems can immobilise stolen cars or trace them to thieves’ hideouts.

Source: 16/08/05

Security Devices & New Technologies

Mazda concept car uses USB drive as ignition key

Mazda has created a concept car that uses a USB drive as its ignition key. The Sassou concept is a small hatchback aimed at the youth market and was unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show. The USB key and interface port will also let drivers’ program and load files onto the car’s audio hard drive.

Source: 02/09/05

Retainagroup can now etch metals

UK company Retainagroup – best known for chemical and laser etching of side glazing (and for the operation of the International Security Register) have developed a method of etching metal surfaces by combining their chemical etching process with an electrolysis boost. The portable marking system can etch the majority of metals and alloys in around 30 seconds or less.

Source: Retainagroup

Security equipment for van protection

Security firm Protekdor has launched a product to boost protection for van doors. Lokgard is a device that fits over front, rear or side door handles. The product is quick and easy to use and provides a barrier to would-be thieves. It is currently available on the Mercedes Sprinter and VW LCT, and is under development for other models, including the Mercedes Vito.

Source: Fleet News, 25/08/05

License plates get chipped in the UK

The British government and DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) are preparing to test new hi-tech license plates using Radio Frequency Identification technology. Microchips fitted to the plates can store VIN number and other identification data to thwart potential vehicle fraudsters and other crimes. Hand-held and roadside scanners operated by police and Government agencies will be able to read the information and check a car’s true identity at any time. UK firm, Hills Number plates, has already developed a similar system called E-plates. It can be read by automatic scanners up to 300 feet away at speeds of up to 200 mph.

Source: 09/08/05

Regulations & Standards

Thatcham plans new LCV security ratings system in the UK

Thatcham is developing an LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle) ratings system for security. They are working with insurers and manufactures to rate the security of every model of van on a 10-star NVSR (New Vehicle Security Ratings) scale, and are expected to announce the ratings in June 2006.

Source: Fleet News, 18/08/05

New ECE regulation on Protection of motor vehicles against unauthorised use

The latest EU regulation describing the legal technical requirements for security systems (alarms and immobilisers) has now been published. The reference number is EU 116 and it is intended to replace the regulations 18 and 97 for passenger cars of class N1 and M1.


For further information on our research and services, please visit our website at  or call us on +44 (0)1908 305101.

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Date:                     10/10/2005

Submitted by:     Microlise Ltd




Microlise, the Nottingham  based systems integrators of technology solutions for the logistics and supply chain industries, has appointed Fleet Management systems as the Australian reseller for the Microlise Fleet & Distribution suite of products.

Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Fleet management systems is part of the AB Oxford Group and is prime systems integrator for companies involved in the supply chain providing software, equipment and support services. They will promote the capabilities of the Microlise application suites to their extensive range of supply chain and mobile logistics clients throughout Australia.  Focussing on the Microlise Fleet & Distribution modular portfolio which manages goods in transit and the assets used to transport them (vehicles and drivers), the company will deliver benefits to delivery fleets through optimised delivery schedule adherence, maximum use of assets, reduced fuel consumption, improved driver performance and accurate real-time proof of delivery and collection.

As well as providing sales and pre-sales consultancy to clients, Fleet management systems will supply the in-cab mobile data terminals and manage the implementation, configuration and first line support of solutions delivered within Australia. Microlise will provide tracking hardware, software licences and customisation as well as second line technical support.

Bob Harbey, Business Development Director for Microlise commented, “Microlise have built an enviable reputation within Europe for our Microlise Fleet & Distribution portfolios of products. The appointment of Fleet Management systems will bring this market leading technology to the Australian market place.”

Frank Ajzensztat, General Manager of Fleet Management systems said, “We are very pleased to be working closely with Microlise to introduce this technology to the Australian market place. We hope emulate the success that Microlise have already had in Europe.” He added, “For our market, the large delivery distances and costs provides significant potential savings for many companies”

Press Contacts

Gordon Wilkinson, Marketing Manager, Microlise, Farrington Way, Eastwood, Nottingham, NG16 3AG, Email:, Tel:  01773 537000

About Microlise

Microlise is a privately owned, UK-based company, established in 1982.  Microlise develops and integrates technology solutions for the logistics and physical supply chain industries using key software, hardware, communication and auto identification technologies developed in-house and from market leading suppliers.  Microlise solutions include ; Opus WMS - sophisticated warehouse management and automation control software, Microlise Fleet &  Distribution - for managing goods in transit and the assets used to transport them, Microlise RFID systems – Integration of RFID technology within supply chain and logistics applications, Opus Voice – Hands-free, eyes-free voice activated technology for all stock transactions and movements within the warehouse

See  for further information

About Fleet Management systems

Fleet Management systems (FMS) is a systems integrator specialising in vehicle tracking and mobile workforce solutions. A subsidiary of the AB Oxford Group, FMS is the reseller in Australia for the Microlise Fleet & Distribution range of products.

See for further information

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Date:                      08/09/2005

Submitted by:      SBD


SBD September 2005 Security Newsletter Extract

Computer experts demonstrate Bluetooth security loopholes

Trifinite Group, a group of European wireless security experts, demonstrated a system at a recent computer security convention in the Netherlands that lets a laptop user listen to conversations in passing cars with Bluetooth setups. The system, called the Car Whisperer, also lets the user talk to the people in these cars. Using a laptop computer with a Bluetooth transmitter, the Car Whisperer has a range of 300 feet. It was developed not to create mischief but rather to show any potential vulnerabilities to manufacturers’ systems. The security loophole exists only in setups that do not follow the recommendation of the industry consortium that sets Bluetooth standards.

Blaupunkt and Becker launch portable navigation market

Blaupunkt and Becker, two renowned suppliers of embedded navigation systems, each launched portable navigation devices at IFA 2005 in Berlin last week. Prices for both systems will start at €499. An enhanced version of the Blaupunkt system can be connected to a Blaupunkt car radio to play MP3 files and to receive RDS TMC traffic messages.

New ISA trial monitors speeds in the UK

As part of a two-year GBP 2 million research project into ‘intelligent speed adaptation’ funded by the Department for Transport (DfT), the UK Government is testing the use of GPS-based systems that monitor whether drivers are exceeding the local speed limit. The trial system can apply the brakes or cut out the accelerator if the driver is going faster than the limit. Drivers in London could be among the first to use the systems and could be offered a discount on congestion charging as a result, following a six-month trial using 20 vehicles in Leeds, where it was found that drivers did pay more attention as well as keeping to the speed limit.

UK police warn of increasing thefts of portable navigation systems

UK police are warning users of portable navigation devices not to leave their devices in their vehicles when not in use, due to an increase of recent thefts of such systems. West Yorkshire Police have reported a total of 135 portable satellite navigation units that have been stolen from vehicles in the four months between April 1 and July 31, 2005. Because by definition portable navigation systems are easily removed from the vehicles, they are prime target for thieves and devices do not have any lock or security codes to prevent them from being used when removed from the vehicle.

New Mercedes S-class to feature central controller

The new Mercedes S-class, due to be launched this autumn will include a mouse-like device on the central armrest – similar to BMW’s iDrive system – to access a number of the vehicle’s in-car functions and settings, such as climate control.

Vodafone Italy’s GPS navigation solution for smartphone

Vodafone’s navigator service has been launched in Italy. The service provides navigation features to mobile phones equipped with Global Positioning system (GPS) receivers. Webraska has supplied the navigation software. Vodafone Navigator is priced at EUR 199 which includes the software, a Bluetooth GPS receiver and a year’s subscription. Further subscriptions will be priced at EUR 59 per year. Vodafone plans to offer traffic congestion information and POI searching.

Traffic information through mobile phones in Austria

ASFINAG, the Austrian toll motorway network operator, and Vodafone Mobilkom Austria have joined forces to offer traffic information services through mobile phones. The new traffic congestion warning service will be provided through Mobilkom’s A1 portal. In addition to traffic information in text, the A1 service will send images from traffic monitoring cameras to mobile phones. The service will also allow drivers to pay road tolls via Short Message Service (SMS) texts and to pay public transport fares.

Further information on our research and services, as well as samples of all of our research studies, can be found on our website or please contact Patrick Strauss by phone (+44-1908-305104) or

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Date:                      18/08/2005

Submitted by:      Axscend



Axscend Announces Expansion in Global Coverage for Asset Tracking system

Axscend is a Folkestone-based telecommunications technology company, today (11/08/2005) announces an expansion of satellite service coverage for its leading trailer and asset tracking system. New developments to the simplex satellite network used by Axscend will give almost complete coverage across the entire globe. These improvements are scheduled to commence in the first quarter of 2006.

"This extension in coverage means we can provide a reliable service across even more of the world." said Tim Steer, managing director of Axscend. "As the system is completely satellite-based, there are no roaming charges, so customers have one low fixed cost wherever their assets report from. Tracking systems based on GSM/GPRS technologies are unable to offer this advantage."

Launched in mid 2004, the Axscend system has been adopted by freight and transport companies of all sizes and is fast becoming Europe's most widely used trailer tracking service. Customers include market-leaders such as TDG, Gregory Distribution and Confern Containerpool. The versatile system can be used to manage and locate many types of non-powered asset, including HGV trailers, sea containers, rail cargo and plant equipment.

As well as Europe, the United States and the Middle East, the new developments should enable assets to be located across much of Africa and Asia. Tim Steer adds: "The increased coverage makes the Axscend system ideal for companies whose assets frequently travel into areas where GSM coverage is poor or even non-existent. In the past, keeping track of assets in these regions has been very difficult. With Axscend, they can be accurately located within a matter of minutes, at the click of a mouse."

The tracking unit itself has a battery life of up to seven years and requires no professional installation or maintenance. It has undergone rigourous testing for durability by both the US military and the Society of Automotive Engineers, and has CE and FCC approval. The system uses ViaMichelin web-mapping technology, so assets can be located at street-level.

About Axscend

Axscend Ltd is a subsidiary of BCM (Transport) Ltd, which specialises in providing communication network services for the freight and transport industry. Established in 1999, BCM (Transport) has entered into an agreement with New Orleans-based Axonn to distribute its AXtracker (a GPS asset tracking device) under the name Axscend in Europe.

BCM (Transport) Ltd, trading as RHA Telecom, also has a formal relationship to provide telecom network services to the Road Haulage Association, the largest transport trade association in the UK with over 10,000 haulage company members. BCM (Transport) is located in Folkestone, Kent.

For further information, please contact: Stuart Hobbs at Axscend, Tel: +44 (0)1303 842179

E-mail:, Website

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Date:                      16/08/2005

Submitted by:      SBD


Market and Trends Report Extract


A new report from SBD analysing the navigation market and technology trends in Europe predicts that the market for portable equipment such as personal navigation devices (PNDs) and personal digital assistants (PDAs) will double between 2004 and 2005, while sales of built-in vehicle systems will increase by just 20 per cent. It concludes, however, that the soaring demand for portable systems gives vehicle manufacturers an opportunity to boost sales of OE embedded equipment to much higher levels.

SBD believes that vehicle manufacturers can overcome the perceived threat from portable devices by turning the consumer awareness they have generated into an opportunity to increase customer uptake of embedded navigation systems. This will require a combined marketing and technical strategy to enable vehicle manufacturers to specify navigation as a standard feature within their model grade structures.

The report, European Telematics: market trends and analysis of embedded and portable navigation systems, shows that navigation system sales are set to top six million by the end of 2005, with around 10 per cent of new cars having the equipment fitted on the production line.

Typically factory-fit systems are offered as comparatively expensive options, or as standard features on higher grade premium models. SBD suggests that significantly higher fitment rates could be achieved by 2008-2009 if car makers are prepared to meet the competition from the portable market by adding simple turn-by-turn systems to the standard feature list of more volume and premium models and by giving dealers better training in the advantages of embedded systems.

SBD’s research reveals how PNDs, which look good, are competitively priced and easy to use and offer a good range of features, are taking a larger share of the portable market than PDAs, which can be difficult to set up and install for in-vehicle use.  As prices fall, PNDs are likely to claim an increasing share of portable sales in the next year to 18 months.

The report also looks at the off-board navigation services on offer in Europe, and considers their position in the future market for navigation in Europe.

Details of the comparative features and functions of embedded, after market and portable systems are presented, together with charts of market growth and cost trends. The systems offered by principle vehicle manufacturers are also outlined, marque by marque.

Further information on our research and services, as well as samples of all of our research studies, can be found on our website or please contact Patrick Strauss by phone (+44-1908-305104) or

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Date:                      11/08/2005

Submitted by:      SBD


SBD August 2005 Security Newsletter Extract

Pay-as-you-go road charging plans for UK

Transport Secretary Alistair Darling believes that the UK’s pay-as-you-go road charging scheme could be trialled within 5 years. The scheme, which could lead to increased stolen vehicle tracking fitment across the UK, may work by fitting all vehicles with a black box and then monitoring their usage using satellites and GPS. The system would allow ‘stolen vehicle tracking’ to become more accessible to the public and fleet industry at a lower cost, because the hardware (black box) would already be installed in the vehicle. If successful, it will be at least 10 to 15 years before a national road charging scheme is in place.

Source: Fleet News, 16/06/05

Bluetooth technology used to detect Bluetooth electrical equipment in cars

According to Manchester Police, thieves are using Bluetooth mobile phones to detect other compatible equipment, such as mobiles, laptops and PDA’s, to steal from vehicles. In SBD’s opinion, the amount of theft occurring using this type of equipment has been over estimated. For a thief to locate Bluetooth compatible equipment in a vehicle, the equipment left in the vehicle has to be switched on with Bluetooth activated for detection to occur.

Source:, 16/06/05

Beer can used in car thefts in the UK

Police are warning drivers of a new scam being used by car thieves to steal luxury vehicles in some parts of the UK. The thieves operate by tying an empty beer can to the exhaust of a parked vehicle, and waiting for the owner to return and drive off. Drivers are often so distracted by the rattling noise, that they leave the keys in the ignition whilst they get out of the vehicle and get down on their hands and knees to investigate; giving thieves the chance to jump in and steal the car.

Source: 04/08/05

Further information on our research and services, as well as samples of all of our research studies, can be found on our website or please contact Patrick Strauss by phone (+44-1908-305104) or

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Date:                     10/08/2005

Submitted by:     OEM GROUP Ltd




Enfield based transport controls supplier The OEM Group has strengthened its product portfolio with the launch of SecureTemp; a revolutionary “wireless” refrigerated trailer temperature alert, which alerts the driver if the refrigerated unit on a trailer fails, allowing remedial action to be taken before a load is spoilt.  The product will help chilled fleets adhere to the stringent regulations, which apply to the refrigerated transport sector.

The unique ‘Search and Mate’ system in SecureTemp has two components; a long-life battery powered RFID temperature transmitter fitted inside the trailer, and an in-cab receiver with an audible and visual LED display.  The key benefits of SecureTemp include the wireless technology meaning no communication costs and no cable connection from trailer to cab, a wide temperature band capacity and a simple to install, easy to use and maintenance free unit.

SecureTemp has been developed with help from Samworth Brothers Distribution, which has fitted the product to its entire fleet.  “SecureTemp will assist us with the strict guidelines that surround temperature controlled distribution as well as helping reduce costs by saving loads before they are spoiled,” commented Carl Bufton, Distribution Manager of Samworth Brothers Distribution.

For further information, or a demonstration of SecureTemp, Please visit, Contact Steve Tickner on 0208 344 8777 or E-mail

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Date:                     09/082005

Submitted by:     Microlise Ltd



Microlise and Lafarge Cement Mark Project Completion

The successful delivery and implementation of a Microlise Fleet & Distribution project conducted for Lafarge Cement UK was marked by a project sign off meeting and an afternoon of team building activities. Members of the Lafarge Cement and Microlise project teams met in Nottingham on 27th July to discuss the project and identify the experiences gained prior to formally signing of the project.

The event marked the culmination of the project to provide real-time schedule adherence monitoring and automatic vehicle location (AVL) for the fleet of 232 vehicles delivering cement from 12 manufacturing and distribution centres to customers throughout the UK. To achieve this, Microlise In-vehicle Computers (IVC) were installed in all the delivery vehicles and Microlise Transport Management Centre and mapping software was installed within each depot.

The system gives real-time visibility of the fleet of vehicles and automatically monitors delivery and departure times from each customer to build a complete picture of adherence to planned delivery schedule. Where problems have occurred in making a delivery, the vehicle driver can log the reason by sending a SMS message to the Transport Management Centre using his mobile phone. A full set of KPI management reports are available to analyse delivery and vehicle performance with the objective of identifying corrective methods and procedures to improve business performance.

David Hewitt, Lafarge Project Manager for Microlise commented, “This project involved some significant new technology elements of the Microlise Fleet & Distribution portfolio. This project sign-off meeting has given Microlise and Lafarge Cement the opportunity to evaluate areas within the project that went well and those where problems could have been avoided. Overall, I think we concluded that effective communication is always the key to successful project implementation.”

Simon Gray, Logistics systems Co-ordinator at Lafarge Cement said, “Working with Microlise on this project has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We are already gaining significant benefits from the system by collating objective data on our delivery performance and importantly, by improving our ability to proactively communicate with our customers as to the state of their deliveries. I can already see future projects that can enhance our business and customer service through use of the telematics platform now installed in our vehicles.”

Media Contact:

Gordon Wilkinson, Marketing Manager, Microlise, Farrington Way, Eastwood, Nottingham, NG16 3AG.

Tel: 01773 537000 Email:

About Microlise.

Microlise is a privately owned, UK-based company, established in 1982.  Microlise develops and integrates technology solutions for the logistics and physical supply chain industries using key software, hardware, communication and auto identification technologies developed in-house and from market leading suppliers.  Microlise solutions include ; Opus WMS - sophisticated warehouse management and automation control software, Microlise Fleet &  Distribution - for managing goods in transit and the assets used to transport them, Microlise RFID systems – Integration of RFID technology within supply chain and logistics applications, Opus Voice – Handsfree, eyes-free voice activated technology for all stock transactions and movements within the warehouse.  See for further information

About Larfarge Cement

In 2001 Blue Circle Industries was taken over by the Lafarge group to become part of the world's leading producer of cement and building materials. Lafarge holds market leading positions worldwide in each of its four business divisions, Cement, Aggregates and Concrete, Roofing, and Gypsum.

The UK cement making operations changed its company name to Lafarge Cement in early 2002, but retains the famous Blue Circle brand of cement which it makes and markets nationwide.

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Date:                     02/082005

Submitted by:     SBD Ltd



EC approves 24 GHz band for short-range automotive radar

The European Commission formally approved the allocation of the 24 GHz frequency band for automotive short-range radar for a period ending June 2013, setting the course for new on-board safety systems.

DaimlerChrysler promises to be the world’s first vehicle manufacturer to implement safety technology based on 24 GHz short-range radar on board its vehicles, in its S-Class range, which will employ both long range (77GHz) and short-range radar (24 GHz) systems as part of its PRE-SAFE system. This system involves automated activation of safety equipment when a vehicle detects the chance of an imminent collision.

Trafficmaster to use floating car data in the UK and expands RDS TMC customer list

Trafficmaster announced the collection of traffic flow data through vehicle tracking via its off-board dynamic route guidance system Smartnav. Using GPRS and GPS to transmit Floating Car Data (FCD) information, the company said it would need 100,000 units on the road to get sufficient data. There are currently 40,000 customers for Smartnav, and Trafficmaster expects to exceed 100,000 customers by the end of 2006.  In two further announcements, Trafficmaster confirmed to have concluded agreements with both Bentley and Audi UK to provide its RDS TMC traffic information services to their customers later on this year.

Ford develops dynamic routing systems for intelligent traffic

Engineers at Ford’s European Research Centre in Aachen, Germany are working on a research project in which a new telematics and navigation system has been developed that provides drivers with individually tailored routes. In addition to motorways, the dynamic routing system also includes information about city streets; individual routing recommendations will take into account public traffic management strategies that consider issues such as school zones, construction projects and outdoor events as well as local weather conditions.

UK plans national road charging to beat traffic congestion

UK Transport Secretary, Alistair Darling, has confirmed that he is looking into introducing a national road pricing scheme which would replace the road tax licence and fuel taxes with a mileage charge for all journeys. The proposed scheme of charging motorists for the distances they travel is to be trialled by 450 volunteers in Leeds next year. GPS and microwave technologies would track every mile driven through a black box fitted of every vehicle and motorists would be charged according to the time of day and congestion of the roads they used. Charges could range from 2p a mile (3 Euro cents) on rural roads to 1.34 (€ 2.01) a mile for peak time journeys on the country’s busiest roads and motorways.

Self-steering cars under test in Italy

Milan-based Parodia Electronica has created a satellite-guided self-steering system for cars that, in tests, is accurate to within 50cm.  Parodia’s system uses differential GPS (dGPS) location data to generate servo commands from a car’s navigation system that activate an electro-hydraulic steering mechanism, in the manner of a yacht autopilot. The steering-wheels of the test vehicles have been strategically disabled, but the software meets its objectives insofar that the vehicles are able to navigate on public roads between a number of fixed points without receiving any steering input from the driver, who controls only the brake and accelerator pedals.

Further information on our research and services, as well as samples of all of our research studies, can be found on our website or please contact Patrick Strauss by phone (+44-1908-305104) or


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