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Submitted Telematics News

Vermillion MVT announce new pay as you go service  Preston based vehicle tracking manufacturer Vermillion MVT today announced plans to implement a new flexible pricing structure for their Vehicle Tracking products as they look to increase their existing customer base.

Currently Vehicle Tracking products from the firm are only available through contract but as they look to make their Vehicle Tracking products more accessible, a pay as you go facility has now been added to the list of payment options for clients.

The Firm, which is part of SDS Technology Group, hope the move will appeal to smaller businesses who were deterred previously from entering into a contract especially in the current economic time. Vermillion view this flexible approach as a way to educate businesses of the benefits of vehicle tracking at an affordable price.

Similar to the pay as you go mobile structure, customers will be able to choose a payment facility that is tailored to their requirements so that they have full control over what vehicles they would like to track within their fleet and when.


Vermillion who produce all the software and hardware for the product in-house, currently use Google maps which gives users a plethora of options in how they wish to follow their vehicles. Further functionality include the ability to help companies understand how to reduce their carbon emissions, fuel costs and improve duty of care for staff. The result is an essential tool for a business to become more profitable and efficient.

The pay as you go system will also enable Vermillion to target companies which have smaller fleets and hence a tighter budget on technology solutions. Group director Andrew Hardman said that the move would enable businesses to access technology that will help a business run more effectively in these current economic times. Vehicle tracking and all its benefits he said, is now truly only a cost of a cup of tea a day.

To find out more information on about the Pay as You Go pricing schedule, customers can go to Vermillion MVT’s website at  or telephone 0845 467 712

Meachers chooses Quartix for satellite vehicle tracking Meachers Group has installed internet satellite tracking throughout its transport fleet, continuing its policy of using leading edge technology to improve customer service. 

The award-winning Quartix vehicle tracking system ensures the company has real-time information about its vehicles accessible online – with a full log of vehicle activity delivered by E-mail each morning, enabling the company to quickly monitor its service to customers. 

As well as investing in satellite tracking the company has installed reversing cameras, and updated its warehouse management information system at its Southampton and Derby warehouse facilities to provide staff and customers with greater control of stock levels and transactions.

Meachers’ continuing investment in new technology demonstrates its commitment to IT in providing customers with leading edge solutions. For further information contact Andy Kirk, sales and marketing director, Quartix Ltd. Tel 0870 013 6663.

Quartix tops £2 million operating profit despite economic downturn.  Leading vehicle tracking specialist Quartix has posted annual operating profits of more than £2 million for 2008 – and is confident of registering further sales and profits growth in 2009.  Sales approached £5 million on a base of almost 2,000 UK customers – representing 20,000 installed vehicle tracking systems. For more information, contact Andy Kirk on 0870 013 666

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