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What is Satellite Navigation?


The word  navigation is a combination of the Latin words navis, meaning a ship, and agere, meaning guidance.  Satellite Navigation in the context of Vehicle Telematics is a means of safely guiding a vehicle  to its destination. Traditionally finding your way involves, spreading a paper map inside the car Often, it isn’t easy to immediately know where you are. You try and find your bearings by looking for landmarks, checking the surroundings, or finding the names of intersecting streets before determining your current location.

A GPS satellite navigation system, you can check  your current location at a glance. The system will even guide you to your  destination on the display panel and through voice guidance. In addition to  indicating your current location and guiding you to your destination, car  navigation provides the functions of information terminal and entertainment  equipment. GPS Satellite Navigation diagram

Today’s Satellite Navigation systems  uses the radio wave signals transmitted by GPS satellites to detect the current  absolute position of the vehicle. It calculates the arrival time of the radio  waves from three or more satellites to detect the absolute position. GPS systems  can detect the current absolute position as long as it can receive radio wave  signals; thus, it can be used throughout the world.

There are many different GPS Satellite Navigation products available.

The choice of device reflects firstly the type of navigation aid you need and the environment in which you will use the GPS device. (Click here for an explanation of how GPS works)

  • Are you most likely to need a navigation aid for use while in, or out of a vehicle?
  • Do you want additional features such as a diary, notepad or calculator?
  • Do you want a device that can be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle?
  • Do you want a device that can be integrated into your vehicle’s sound  & power supply?

There are solutions available designed to fit each of these criteria. Prices can range from under 100 for a simple handheld GPS navigation aid for walkers, through to devices costing several hundreds of pounds offering the latest in-vehicle GPS, pan-European mapping and traffic information technology.

You need to have in mind, before you buy a satellite navigation system, how and where you will use it, because there are a wide variety of units and each one is designed toward a specific user need. For instance, if you buy a unit optimised for hiking, you will be disappointed if you try and use it for in-vehicle navigation.

Examples of GPS devices




Trailer Tracking

Satellite Navigation Buying Tips

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