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VEHICLE TRACKING - Buyers checklist


The list below contains just some of the things you should remember to ask before buying a VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEM.  If, after reading this you can think of some other points please let us know.


If you’re an employee concerned about the introduction of a vehicle tracking system invading your privacy, or how vehicle tracking could impinge on your human rights, please read the section Vehicle Tracking & Your Right to Privacy  or Vehicle Tracking Employee & Human Rights Legislation.


  • How long has the vehicle tracking provider been in business?
  • Check the credit rating of the provider.
  • Is the provider a reseller? What happens if this company goes bust?
  • Who guarantees the service delivery, the reseller, manufacturer or other?
  • When investigating potential suppliers, ask for references. Speak to the references! Once you sign up you are locked into a potentially lengthy and costly agreement. Do your homework first!
  • Learn as much as you can about different systems. Research them on the Internet, call the companies and ask for literature.
  • Make sure you find out if, in addition to the fixed costs, there are additional monthly charges e.g. airtime.  Monthly charges, in addition to the cost of the system itself, can add up.
  • Check the coverage of the GPS TRACKING SYSTEM. Are there black spots? If there are, where are they?
  • Ask for a no strings attached trial.  Be prepared to negotiate.  Time is money for you and the supplier.
  • What happens to the data if the Vehicle Location Unit cannot transmit due to a coverage black spot? Does the unit store the transmission? If so, for how long?
  • If the vehicle goes abroad, will the GPS TRACKING SYSTEM still track? If yes, then what are the associated costs? GPRS roaming charges will most likely not be included in your package and the roaming tariffs in Europe are exorbitant?
  • Determine how much money you are willing to spend. Check exactly what you are getting for your money. Check the fixed and variable costs, set up charges, annual software licensing etc.
  • The AVL vehicle tracking sector has tended to rent not sell its’ products outright. The typical rental agreement can be anything from 3 to 5 years. This is a Fixed Rental Period! If you decide to change your mind before the agreement expires, you will find it an expensive decision.

    Be aware that the Telematics Service Provider is often only the supplier of the goods; the actual rental agreement is often done through a third party. If you have problems with the product or service, you will not get a sympathetic hearing from the finance company if you decide to stop payments.
  • Does the vehicle tracking provider offer alternative payment options, such as Pay As You Go (PAYG)?
  • Check if the supplier offers a Service Level Agreement or warranty along with the product. Read the small print.
  • If you are only interested in a vehicle security tracking system or only want a tracking report once a week, make sure the system you buy delivers want you want and you don’t end up paying for features you won’t and don’t need.
  • Be aware that the technology you sign up for today, may be quickly overtaken by the technology of tomorrow.  Much of the industry has traditionally sold VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEMS via lengthy fixed term rental agreements.  Check if the system you opt for can be upgraded during the agreement period.  If there is an upgrade path, get confirmation of the upgrade costs.
  • A rental agreement might last for anything from one to five years; make sure you get in writing, confirmation of any verbal assurances you were given by the supplier during the initial sales process.
  • What technical support is included with your purchase?
  • Is the technical support available when you need it?
  • How much does technical support cost; Are there freephone or premium rate telephone numbers?
  • How quickly will technical support respond to your request for help?

Please let me know if you have any other suggestions for potential buyers.  Contact us



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