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Use VEHICLE TRACKING and TELEMATICS information throughout your organisation.


Once a vehicle tracking system has been installed in an organisation, it’s day to day operation may be controlled by one or two people from a single department, e.g. Transport or Operations.  However, the information garnered from a vehicle tracking solution, if used wisely and shared throughout the business, can have some positive knock-on effects for other departments and personnel

This sharing of information could help to increase the cost benefit and improve the return on investment in the system.  The list below provides some ideas on how other personnel in the business can benefit from the use of  the information a vehicle tracking and telematics solution can provide.  Remember, if more use of a vehicle tracking system can be made throughout the business, the benefits versus costs case becomes more evident and the return on investment becomes more obvious and transparent.

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If you’re an employee concerned about the introduction of a vehicle tracking system invading your privacy, or how vehicle tracking could impinge on your human rights, please read the section Vehicle Tracking & Your Right to Privacy  or Vehicle Tracking Employee & Human Rights Legislation.



organisation chart
Managing Director 

  • Greater productivity & efficiency
  • Promotes & protects company image
  • Wins new business – a competitive edge

Financial Director 

  • More accurate & efficient record keeping
  • Significant cost savings (Labour, fuel, insurance etc.)

Sales Director

  • Manage sales area boundaries
  • Greater sales with reduced delivery times
  • Tracking system adds value, marketing edge
  • Demonstrated accountability inspires customer confidence


Fleet Manager 

  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased productivity
  • Instantly accessible fleet information
  • Summary reports show good workers, or problem areas
  • Efficient job allocation to closest vehicle (faster response)

Human Resources Manager 

  • Management of ‘on-road’ risks (speeding, fatigue)
  • Monitoring permits identification & reward of good staff
  • Reduced accidents through monitoring driver behaviour

Customer Services

  • Accurate reporting on expected delivery times
  • Fast, responsive service results in happy customers
  • Proof of attendance reports, with minute accuracy

Commercial Driver 

  • Increased security for driver and load
  • Hard work can be readily noted and rewarded
  • Less paperwork - electronic proof of attendance

Sales Representative 

  • Increased security
  • Navigational assistance
  • Monitored alarm protects in-car contents


  • Faster, more reliable service
  • Accurate information on arrival times
  • High accountability brings ‘peace of mind’
  • Lower transport costs through system savings

Private Car Owner 

  • Prevent theft of vehicle
  • Monitoring for unauthorised use of vehicle
  • Automated records for tax, or expense claims, regarding your mileage



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